Thursday, October 28, 2010

November Market

The November Market is upon us and it’s gonna be GREAT!!! We’ve always said that we have the best vendors in the world, but this month, they’ve really out-done themselves. We had so many talented folks sign up to participate in November, we just couldn’t decide who to turn away and who to keep. So we put a call out to our vendors, told them our dilemma and asked if anyone would be willing to share their tent space. To our surprise, quite a few of them volunteered to share just so we could get everyone in. A few of them even volunteered to sit out this month for a guaranteed spot next month. Because they were willing to open their hearts (and their tents), we are excited to say that the November Indie Market will have a WHOPPING 51 vendors this month. Before we get to the list of vendors, here’s a little bit of info on the Artists who created our poster.

Karen Hutchinson, a wonderfully talented lady, volunteered to do our poster out of her love for the Indie Market. Unfortunately, she is not one of our vendors, but does graphic design/illustration as her day job and as her passion. We’re very fortunate that she found us and can’t wait to see her work as one of our posters next year. To view more of Karen’s work, please visit

The entertainment this month is local band, Firelight Saga. Their fans labeled them “Adventure Rock”. I’m not quite sure what that means (LOL), but to me, they sound more like Folk Rock… kind of along the lines of Pete Yorn (one of my favs). If you would like to get more information on them, head on over to their Facebook page.

Now… about our vendors. Like I said before, we have the biggest number of Vendors in Indie Market history. =) 51… Can you believe it??? FIFTY ONE VENDORS!!! It’s crazy!!! We’re totally ecstatic about it and can’t wait for you to see them all. Some will be doubled up in tent spaces, so be sure to take your time and visit everyone.

Clara Marie's Authentic Southern Bakery
Dani Keith Designs
Little Orange
Richard Ronsick
       Riverbasin Outfitters      

Aimee's Garden
Amanda Vaughn-Redmon
Anna Mae Breads
Aria Handmade
Carol Hunter Photography
Carrie Magill Jewelry
Carver Crafts, Classes & Jewelry Repair
Cindy's Crafts
Constanza Diaz
Donna's Delights
EL Arts 30
G & M Designs
Gate City GlitterZ!
The Gnome Shack
Homebrewed Art
Horse 'O Peace Ranch
Hurley Rose
Ikow Designs
J Britt Gardner Pottery
Jean Jarvis Jewelry

Juan Pablo Designs
La Boutique de Charlie Bear
Lady Bizness
LeeLu Creations
LuLu Lather's Vintage Felted Soap
Militant Cupcake Handmades
Nancy Utz
Organic Jewelry
Purple Hook
Robert Carter
Slow Turn Studio
Sometimes Summer
Soul Energy
TBS Creations
Techno Cake
Undoings/Emily Crochets Pants
Witch Hazel Handmades
Yanno Press
Yummy Goodness Bake Shoppe
Zen Cat Bakery

Enjoy!!! We hope to see you in December as well!

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