Friday, March 8, 2013

Ready Yourselves!

It’s about that time again. The days are warmer (occasionally), the birds are returning from their winter vacations and this year’s first First Friday Indie Market is almost upon us! It seems like it was New Year’s yesterday and Christmas was last week, doesn’t it? Ready or not, here comes the season!

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd rather be ready than not. That means lots of planning, checklists, and failsafes. All that preparing doesn't mean I don't forget anything. It never fails that as soon as I sit back and look at my set-up, I remember something that never made it into the car. The good days are the days when it's something small, like glass cleaner for my mirror.

Throughout the month, I'll blog ideas to prepare yourself for craft fairs with special consideration to what you'll want and need to have for First Friday. Whether you set up with us for the April market or not until the holiday craft fair season, I hope this will be helpful to you. Let's all be ready and make this the best year of FFIM yet!

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