Friday, April 19, 2013

Keeping Track

I admit it, tracking inventory is a pain.  I am a master of procrastination when it comes to it.  However, I have learned that is a very necessary evil.  Without keeping track I wouldn't know so many important things!  What items are selling best?  What items aren't selling at all?  How long did it take me to sell that special piece I knew would be snatched right up?  How much do I owe for sales tax?  Oh so many questions I'd never be able to answer without inventory tracking.

Everyone has their own system.  Here's what I do: 

I assign each item it's own inventory number.  I write that number on tag attached to it and enter it on a spreadsheet with a name and description.  That way I know what it is if I need to make more items like it due to demand.  When I'm at a show, I write the inventory number down in my little receipt book (purchased from Wal-Mart for about five bucks).  When I get home from the show, I note on the spreadsheet the date sold for each item.  I take an envelope, write the date and total sales amount on the outside, stuff all the receipts inside and file it away. 

Sounds like a lot of work, but anything worth doing is worth doing right and inventory is definitely worth doing right!  It doesn't matter what system you use, maybe you want to work with special software like QuickBooks or the like.  Just find what works for you and make sure to keep track for continued success!

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