Tuesday, June 22, 2010

July 2nd Market

Mandy and I are totally excited about the July Market! We were originally going to skip July because the Fun Fourth is the very next day, but we had so many vendors ask us about it, we decided to put the call out to see how many we could get. Y'all answered us loud and clear and we couldn't be happier. Our lot is full and to top it off, we have quite a few new vendors.

Welcome to you all! We're glad you've joined us! =)

A special thanks goes out to our very own Tristin Miller for designing the July Poster. She did a fantastic job and we absolutely love it! Posters will be available at the end of this week. If you would like to help us post them all around the Triad, please contact us and we'll get some to you.

If you would like to design a poster for a free booth space, please see the Call To Artists post in May.

Our vendors for the July Market are:

A.C. Creations
Accidental Photographer
Art by Dara Morgan
Carver Crafts
Dancing Free Designs
Faye's Crochet
Free Spirit Accessories
Gate City GlitZ
Gracie Rae's Recycled Designs
Green Mum Totes
Horse O Peace Ranch
J Britt Gardner Pottery
Jean Jarvis Jewelry & Vintage
Kim Shoffner
Lady Bizness
LeeLu Creations
Lotus Stone & Crystal Jewelry
Purple Hook
Rainbow Tea
Rough Cuts
Stini's Sewing Shop
Sweetgum Puppets
TBS Creations
Techno Cake Jewelry
Tristin Miller
Wendy's Sweet Shop

If you would like to visit an artist's website, please see the links to the left of the page.

See ya next Friday!

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