Sunday, July 11, 2010

August Poster Contest

We're having a contest for our Vendors this month and we need your help in picking the winner. Our very own Scott Neely of Home Brewed Art designed the poster for our August Market and suggested we put in a Word or Thought Bubble for the cow. We decided to do that, but as a contest for our Vendors. All of the entries are listed below, along with a rough draft of the poster. Please pick your favorite entry... what you think fits best with the cow and the Indie Market. The entry/Vendor with the most votes will receive 1/2 off of their booth fee for the month of their choice (August - December 2010). Voting is open until midnight, Saturday, July 17th. The winner will be notified on Sunday, July 18th.


  1. :( I can't see all the quotes! Is this just my browser (I am on chrome for Mac after all)?

  2. Sorry, Rame! I've been messing with it trying to get it to look right. Try it now and let me know if you still can't see all of them. There are only 4 quotes.