Thursday, July 3, 2014

Meet Featured Artist Elizabeth L'Eplattenier of EBL Designs!

What is your business’ name? EBL Designs and I’m Elizabeth L’Eplattenier!

What sort of items do you make? I make crochet wire necklaces/bracelets from buttons, beads, and gemstones; hand wire wrap pendants; and have recently expanded my line into stationary which includes cards, journals, alcohol ink tile coasters, chalkboard picture frames and chalkboard mugs.  To see more of what I offer, please visit my website at:

When and how did you learn your craft?  My Granny Carter taught me to crochet when I was 9 years old and I’ve been crocheting ever since.  Growing up, I never was at a loss of crafts available to do.  The ladies in my family were always doing something new – painting, crocheting, sewing or whatever had caught their fancy and this interest was passed on to me. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?  I don’t want to sound clique, but everywhere.  Lately, I’ve been really inspired with buttons.  I have a lot of buttons and have manage to incorporate them in all of my designs from jewelry to journals and frames.  To me, they are colorful and happy and who doesn’t want to be colorful and happy?  I’ve also been dabbling with paint.  I live how easy going watercolors can be and have used that in many of my card designs. 

How did you get started doing this as a business? I started making my own jewelry back in 2010. I love jewelry, love to buy jewelry, love to wear jewelry, why not make jewelry? Did I ever think that I would sell my creations? Not really, I just really enjoyed buying the beads and cabochons and making unique one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends. (You know your kid gets pulled higher on the teacher's favorite list when you give her jewelry for a gift, right?) Then people started asking me if I would sell a piece or make something for a gift and I would make pieces one at a time. So how did I go from one at a time pieces to a business? Well a little thing called a slipped disk and a lot of time off work...

Do you have any advice for other crafters/artisans just starting out?  Talk to your fellow crafters and other vendors.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if I had not asked other questions.  Many will share what shows the like, where to get the cheapest business cards or other supplies.  We all had to start somewhere and the majority of us got to where we are with the help of others.

Anything else you would like to share?  Handmade Triad meeting usually once every first Tuesday of the month.  This is a group of artist who come together to share ideals, talk about upcoming shows and usually have a hands on project to try.  I have learned so much from this group and invite everyone to come to a meeting.

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