Monday, July 28, 2014

New Changes to the First Friday Indie Market Website

FFIM has had a few questions lately and we thought it would be helpful to list them and the answers here on the website for you to review.  If you have any further questions, remember, you can always contact us at:

What’s with all the changes to the FFIM webpage?
Well, technology is always changing and we have to adapt.  Plus we’re working on making our process the easiest it can be both for the vendors and ourselves.  We’re crafters just like you and are learning how to operate the website as we go along.  If you have any suggestions for improvements, please email:  

Sales and Use Tax ID # (because it’s state law)
It is now required that you have a sales and use tax id number - if you do not, you will not be accepted into the market. You are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax liabilities for your business. On the application, you must provide your sales and use tax certificate of registration number. For more information and apply:

You will also need to display your sales and use certificate in a prominent place at the market and submit a copy to us for our records.  You either bring a copy to the market or you can email a scanned copy of your Sales and Use Tax ID certificate to:

This is not our rule, but a requirement of the NCDOR.

Some may be overwhelmed or put off by the thought of having to do these taxes every quarter.  These taxes are not that difficult to do and it’s only one form.  Plus, there are step by step instructions on how to complete the forms and even videos available.  For more information about filing your NC Sales and Use Taxes:

Filing complete applications every time (no “on file”)
We’ve been having issues with vendors filling out the application for the Market and putting “on file” or leaving information blank.  This has been used for the sales and use tax id #, photographs, websites, etc.  Please do not do this – it is extremely hard for us to go back through applications to find the info and a whole lot easier for you to take the moment and fill it in. 

It is especially hard for websites – this is needed not only if you have been chosen as a feature vendor, but also to link your website on the “Our Vendors” page.  You are missing the opportunity for new people to find out who you are by not including websites.  We only include links to websites that have been listed on that month’s application. Websites can include Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tent weights
JUST A REMINDER: Tent weights are a MUST. You can purchase them at any sporting goods store or make your own. There should be a MINIMUN of 20 lbs PER LEG. Please do not use milk/water/cat litter jugs as weights. The plastic they are manufactured from is not substantial enough to be useful, and will disintegrate under stress.  Also, one cinder block is not enough weight to hold the tent.

You will also need to secure the weights properly to your tent.  Just sitting the weights on top of the leg is not enough.  You must tie the weights down – usually with the rope that is attached to your canopy.
We’ll be checking tent weights during the market as a friendly reminder so please remember we’re trying to help you and not judge you for your choice in tent weights.  We have been doing outdoor markets for a while and have seen some pretty scary things when it comes to tent weights.  We’re only trying to protect you, your merchandise, other sellers and our visitors.  For more information about tent weights and how to make your own, click here.

The link to my website on the Vendor page is wrong, doesn't work or isn't there
We link to the website that you have listed on your application, in fact, we copy and paste it.  Please make sure you are putting an accurate web page and it is the one that you would like to be listed on our Vendor page.

Open spots at the Market, but I wasn’t approved
There could be a few reasons why you were not approved to vend at the market.  Did you include your Sales and Use Tax ID #?  This is an automatic denial.  We are required by state law that all vendors have a Sales and Use Tax ID (see above for more information) and we cannot accept a vendor who does not have one.

Do you sell jewelry?  Unfortunately, we can only accept a certain amount of jewelry vendors and usually have a wait list for these vendors.  It doesn’t help anyone at the market if we’re over crowded with jewelry because customers get overwhelmed with the assortment.  It doesn’t matter if every jewelry vendor is different and unique, the customers only see jewelry.  You are more likely to be accepted into a market the earlier you apply.

What about your pictures – do they really show the quality of work you do?  Pictures say a thousand words and really do matter when we need to see what you are selling.  You should make sure that any website link that you provide is up-to-date and show what kind of work you are currently doing.

Where are you from?  While occasionally we’ll accept vendors from outside the triad area, we do try to make sure that our vendors are local.  Sometimes, we may allow a vendor to come to the market from outside of the triad if there is space.

Did you remember to submit your payment either through PayPal or check?  If payment is not received, the application is void.  If you pay through PayPal, you’ll received a confirmation email from PayPal about the payment.  To follow up about a mailed check, please

We’re always open to new ideas and try to implement them when possible.


  1. I thought the application process today was easy. The only part I was a little unsure about was that I needed to click the Payment Info tab to complete my PayPal payment. Hope I am accepted, and look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Diane! I'm glad you think the application process has gotten easier. We are working really hard to make sure a lot of the bugs are out of the process. As part of that process, the "Buy Now" button is no longer at the bottom of the page (which I believe it still was when you submitted your application). You will receive confirmation screen after successfully submitting the application that will direct you to the Payment Info tab instead. Starting with the October application, you will also receive a confirmation email with the same information.

    The reason behind these changes is because the application and payment are two separate processes, but there has been a lot of confusion - some just submit payment without the application and others just submit the application with no payment. We hope that the new process will make applying and paying for the First Friday Indie Market easier for both our vendors and our volunteers who help make the market happen every month!