Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Meet Featured Artist Theresa Boarders of CreativeBordersX3

What is your business’ name? CreativeBordersX3 and I'm Theresa Boarders!

What sort of items do you make? I’m a Recycle Artist, so I’m not limited to or restricted by any category, however, I have found myself drawn to rehabbing/re-purposing furniture in creative and useful ways.  I have salvaged pianos and re-purposed them into Piano Clock tables.  I have re-purposed old sewing tables, head boards, TV’s, etc.  On a smaller scale, I love to craft hanging Wine bottle luminaries.

When and how did you learn your craft?  Growing up in a large family of seven, and on one income, a teacher’s salary, you learn quickly how to be creative and also how to make do with what you have.  I remember ‘rescuing’ stuff from friends , or on trash day and hauling back my ‘treasures’  and redoing these items for my bedroom.  So, I guess, it started as early as when I was large enough to drag stuff home J

Where do you get your inspiration from?  I have a skewed sense of how things work or their original intended use.  In my world most items can be used, re-purposed and then used again.  We live in a very disposable society, and I think we’re beginning to learn most items can be used in a multitude of different ways.  I love recycling things in an unexpected or unintended way.  This is the VERY best of recycling.  I hate seeing anything go to a landfill that still has some life left.  That item still retains a value or purpose.  I’ll rescue an item and have no idea what I want to do with it at the time, but I know I’ll think of something purposeful eventually.  I also love seeing what other Recycle Artists have done, and their inspiration lights a fire under me.  Recycle Artists, are always ‘Thinking Outside of the Box’, figuratively and literally!

How did you get started doing this as a business?  I had more stuff than our house and 2 car garage could hold.  And the phrase, “just put it on the front porch” made my husband crazy.  I said it so often, that, ‘On the Front Porch’ almost became my business name.  So, my inventory had to move, just not into our house, and rule became, nothing goes in, without something coming out J

Do you have any advice for other crafters/artisans just starting out?   You’ll need Patience, Persistence, and lots and lots of LOVE.  You better Love what you do, because as your craft or art becomes a business your work will evolve into a job, requiring more, and more of your time.  Finally, you’ll need Passion.  If you have no Passion, it will show in your work, in your craft, in your art.  Lastly, sometimes the items you create will be appreciated by many and sometimes by few.  Art is very discretionary.  Do not be defined by negative people or negative comments.

Anything else you would like to share? My Dad was a very smart & handy guy.  He would always let me watch, and sometimes help, whatever he was building or repairing and explain the tools and the process as he went along.  This happened back in a time, when father’s normally passed this knowledge on to their sons, not their daughters.  For this gift, I’m SO very thankful, and in honor to him, I've continued this process of sharing our love of constructing items (new & old), with my three daughters. 

CreativeBordersX3 will be a featured artist at the First Friday Indie Market on November 7, 2014. The market is located on the corner of MLK and Elm St in Downtown Greensboro, NC and is open from 4-9 pm.

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