Friday, November 29, 2013

Meet Featured Artist Hillary Whitt of Brandtridge Handcrafts!


What is your business' name?

Brandtridge Handcrafts, I took it from my mom. Thanks Mom! And I'm Hillary Whitt.


What sort of items do you make?

Handcrafted copper jewelry filled with images and phrases, along with mixed media artwork.


When and how did you learn your craft?

Way back in college, I worked at a wonderful fine craft gallery, Oaks Gallery in Dillsboro, NC, and there I discovered my want to be able to make beautiful jewelry. It was around the time beading was just getting a foot around Greensboro, that dark path of beads lead to the discovery of my love for fire and the hammer so I took metal work classes. I always lay blame on my wonder mother for my love for painting and mixed media, who taught me all about cutting and pasting at such a young age. It's something I've always done and will have to do so I don't go crazy.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from just about everywhere. It could be in images that I find at a thrift store to something that I dreamed about. I try to keep a notebook with me so I can write or sketch at any time. I have been known to be sketching on the back of an envelope at stop light because I have to get something down on paper before it's gone. 


How did you get started doing this as a business?

I'm sure I started as many do - I just kept making pieces and really needed to sell some to feed the need to buy beads or metal. Plus by selling I had a much better reason to buy more supplies and to take classes. 


Do you have any advice for other crafters?

Don't be afraid to ask questions from an artist you admire. If they won’t answer them, fine keep going; just don't be afraid to take chances. I know my work is good, I do it more for me than to sell, just keep working at what you love, keep pushing, and things will start to fall into place. Search out the community of artist or people that will support you and tell you the truth when it's asked. 
Brandtridge Handcrafts will be a featured artist at the First Friday Indie Market on December 6, 2013.  The market is located on the corner of MKL and Elm St in Downtown Greensboro, NC and is open from 4-9pm. 


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